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  1. mobility

    Capture and learn from real time stimuli

  2. connection

    Intelligence to promote strategic actions at the right time

  3. Smart use of data

    Insight from large scale data analysis

what we do

Bravi is a full stack technology company that helps organisations incubate and scale impactful product and business ideas.


We develop solutions that enable organisations to join the mobile, connected environment quickly and efficiently.

Qualcomm seeks out the best, and most innovative learning apps for our employees. We’ve been developing new ones with Bravi for several years because they deliver inspiring results, both strategically and practically. Geoff Stead - Senior Director of Mobile Learning, Qualcomm


Bravi News

Real-time distribution of content with support for notifications, search, sharing and branding.


Bravi App Store

Platform of distribution, management and curation of mobile apps, exclusive for the academic environment. Promotes the use of apps safely, making most of the institution's wireless infrastructure.

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Bravi Prisma

Predictive Analytics solution that uses machine learning and big data to identify, predict and promote behaviour change for students.


Bravi Feedback

An App that opens up a direct and safe feedback channel among students and the academic community, leveraging sentiment analysis across all institutional levels.


Bravi Quiz

Interactive quiz game that allows real time interaction among peers, using challenges to promote knowledge sharing.


Bravi Knowhow

Social and gamified app for questions and answers to promote knowledge sharing and collaborative learning.

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Bravi Lingo

Flash card app to help students memorize concepts and learning content, based on the Leitner method. Also provides an educational glossary with search.

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Bravi Timeline

Provides a visual timeline with all the interactions of a student across their academic journey with colleagues, teachers as well as learning systems.

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Learning Portal

Multi-channel content management system that provides the connection among students and the institution.

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Welcome to the new era of data-driven learning organisations. We make sense of your data to extract valuable insights to your people

bravi prisma

Our learning analytics services create a valuable story of your students' data (future, present and past). We define data questions, understand user behaviour and work out the most effective way to leverage Bravi Prisma as the Learning Analytics approach to the student acquisition and retention challenges.

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We are a team of world-class experts in predictive analysis, user behaviour modelling, data visualization and data privacy. Marcelo Pias - Bravi Analytics

clients / partners

We are grounded in technology, since that is the driving force behind most digital innovation, but the businesses we help take many forms.





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Work with us

Here we offer career opportunities... It's not just a job.
Stand out at Bravi.


If you have any programming knowledge or are interested in working with it, you are intermediate English level and looking for an opportunity to develop your abiliies further inside an entertaining and dynami work environment come talk to us.

If you picture yourself in our team and you want to be part of it, we are anxious to meet you!

Our team is made up of great people:

  • Fearless od new ideas and willing to embrace changes that help you to grow personally and professionally
  • Enjoy the challenge of work in distributed teams in different parts of the world, in different time-zones
  • Enjoy working in a great environments for software development using agile methoologies
  • Passionate about technology, learn and innovation
  • Responsibile for the quality of their own work
  • Learn and develop English language skills in work time, with a Britsh teacher, as is used in day-to-day life here in Bravi
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